Monday, October 18, 2010

Uyghur Restaurant

I can say that Uyghur Restaurant is one of our favourite restaurants in Adelaide.I think it's the first place (kat Adelaide) where my husband took me out for dinner.Yesterday, we went there once again to satisfy our cravings for Dapanji.Btw, "Dapanji" means big plate chicken.

As Uyghurs are Muslim, the food is halal.:)

Shop 3, 392 Prospect Road Kilburn

Dapanji Large $25 (approximately RM75)
It contains chickens, potatoes, something-like-big kuey teow & capsicums.

Dapanji.I love it so much!!1 big plate for 2 people?
Burp~~kenyang 1 hari sampai esok pagi, tak payah makan nasi.;p

FREE Chinese tea.You can refill as much as you want.dan selagi muka tebal nak mintak.

I can't remember its name but it's lamb and it's so yummy!!~~

There are many other Uyghur food/menus that are really interesting to share but I don't know where all my pics has gone.;p sebabnya asyik tangguh je nak buat entry pasal ni. Maybe you can read more about Uyghur food here.Cuisine of Xinjiang (the food of the Uyghurs) is a must-try food if you are in Adelaide!