Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Personal Shopper

Got this book for FREE (worth RM42.90) from Novelholics since I won a contest called "Buku apa ni ek?";p I gave the right answer for the synopsis given.

I never read any Carmen Reid's book so I think I want to give it a try.

This is the first of Annie Valentine novels by Carmen Reid.I have Late Night Shopping and Celebrity Shopper too.

Overall, I'm not really enjoy the book but I love its cover!I took about 1-2 months to finish it.(Ke 3 bulan entah?) Annie Valentine is not as fun as Becky Bloomwood in shopaholic series.Padahal karakter & cara hidup mereka macam lebih kurang.

Anyway, I love this part;
"Personally, she never bought anything at full price: not a haircut (her hairdresser came to all her sale pre-previews), not a tin of beans (she knew what was on offer at every supermarket and cash and carry within a 20-mile radius of her home), not a car (secondhand, Christmas Eve, fantastic deal)."

She never bought anything at full price because she used staff discount at The Store (where she has worked as a personal shopper), she shopped during sale and she used eBay!

P/S - I don't want to buy anything at full price too, can I?;P

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