Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ubat Gigi Wardina

No, Wardina is not launching her own toothpaste anyway but she has become the spokesperson for ubat gigi mukmin!!

For those who know me, you know how much I like Wardina (since form 3) & Norjuma (since form 4).No matter where I go, saya tetap follow updates mereka.:D Yeah, Wardina ada facebook sebab itu saya cepat tau.Norjuma tiada.(as far as I know)

Wow, I bet lepas ni lagi ramai orang pakai Mu'min.:D Actually, I'm one of the loyal users of this product.Erk?Yeke?Eh, taklah. Sometimes beli Zaitun or Halagel.Hahahahha~~

The main point is, I become a bit concern when it comes to toothpaste.Sejak keluar halal haram pasal ubat gigi yang masa kecik2 dulu takde pon isu ni.Yeah, duduk kat Malaysia is much easier.JAKIM kata/cop halal,kita terimalah halal kan.If kat Adelaide ni, camne?

Maka, banyaklah bekalan ubat gigi kami di sini,bawak dari M'sia.(Mu'min & Halagel):D Anyway, I have to admit that brands like Mu'min,Zaitun & Halagel are more expensive than Fresh & White etc.Dulu masa student nak jimat duit belasah je brand mana paling murah.

I remember this one moment in my life where my friend in MRSM wanted to 'borrow' my toothpaste.
"Ida, nak mintak sikit ubat gigi."
I was giving her mine.
"Eeeee..apa ni?SAFI?Taknaklah!~~"

One of the ways to support Malay-Islam economy.Even non-muslim pon keluarkan produk2 islamik sampai saya konpius till now ni produk orang Islam ke tak.If not us, who else is going to support them? (I'm not racist,ok) Saya berjaya support bab ubat gigi sajalah, yang lain sepertinya tidak, tidak mampu.Isk.Salute pada mereka yang concern semua benda pasal ni.

P/S -
1.Anyone using HPA products?
2.Mu'min konpem milik orang Melayu Islam.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I always love going to pharmacy.Even sometimes I wish to work in a pharmacy!!~~LOL.but honestly I think Malaysian people suka downgrade people who work in retail (saya cakap based on my own experience), no matter what qualifications you have, and vice versa.Ok full stop.Sebelum saya merapu benda yang tak sepatutnya.I'm not gonna tell you about my past life for this entry but I wanna share some info about pharmacies which I always love to go.:)

Priceline - I just love being rewarded!
Yes, I'm a member of Priceline!I hope there will be any Guardian/Watson clubcard when I'm coming back to Malaysia since I used to go to the pharmacy at least once a week! This card is so worth it for a people like me.I can collect points and redeem vouchers.Bab2 kumpul point ni saya memang suka.(Kad Mesra, Kad Smile, JCard etc.) even kredit kad pon buat sebab nak kumpul point.;p

Anyway, the member registration is FREE!!Worth it jugaklah kan untuk orang yang malas kumpul point tapi suka kumpul berapa banyaknya kad dalam wallet/purse.

Cons: Can't buy online.

Chemist Warehouse - We beat everyone's prices!

As far as I know, they don't have any club card.I love to visit Chemist Warehouse because I can get the best and cheapest deals.(most of the items) They promise,

Amazing, huh?.Hehe.Contoh harga kat Priceline $15, harga kat Chemist mahal sikit so if kita bagitau, kita akan dapat lebih murah lagi.Huhu~~Cuma, korang tebal muka ke tak nak bagitau untuk dapat harga murah?Hihi.

Pro: Can buy online!Sometimes online price is wayyyyyyyy cheaper+ free shipping.(Depends on promotion)

Actually banyak lagi pharmacy lain tapi saya state 2 sajalah yang famous macam Guardian & Watson kat Malaysia.

Talking about Guardian pharmacy, I'm quite curious to know that there is Guardian Pharmacy in Australia!Warna logo pon lebih kurang sama dengan Guardian Malaysia.

Hmm.Kebetulan ke sama company ke saya tidak tahu.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being Fat

5 bulan kat Aussie masih belum hilang jakun pada perfume, fruit juice, biskut arnott dan coklat.

Jakun sebab adoi kenapa murah sangat?Except biskut arnott bukan sebab murah tapi sebab sedap gila and end up dengan keep buying it.2 yang last & bold tu sangat bahaya cos they make me fat!Grrr..

Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberries & Cream 220g for $1.99.How can you resist that?!

I take heavy meal (lunch or dinner) once a day but it doesn't make any difference to lose my weight.Of couse la, sebab still makan coklat & biskut.

Until my husband introduced me to a new 'friend'..

Do exercise!Puasa, tahan makan je jangan harap la nak turun berat & ramping macam Heidi Klum.Isk.Isk.

I can't remember the last time I did sit-up.Jarang/dah lama tak buat sampai susah gila rasa nak buat & seminggu perut,badan sakit.:'(Now dah start balik boleh buat sit-up tutup mata je.Tu pon sometimes malas.Erk.

Lose 0.7kg today and I feel a bit relief.At least I know that I've stopped 'growing'.

Why I keep worrying too much about my weight?

- My husband has lost weight.Dulu berat kami beza jauh, now macam lebih kurang sebab saya membesar, dia meramping.;p

- My current weight is beyond my target weight.

- I wanna always be the lightest among my sisters (as long as I'm not pregnant.;p) sebab kami suka lawan sapa paling kurus/gemuk.LOL. Alia, my youngest sis can't help waiting for me to get pregnant cos she wants me to be heavier than her.

- My friend who's pregnant said doc cakap selalunya orang yang pregnant gemuk gila sebab masa before nak pregnant pon berat dia memang tengah sentiasa naik.Envy gila orang yang pregnant tapi nampak tak berapa besar.Muka pon steady tak kembang.At least for the 1st baby I wish I don't look like ****(you name it, as you wish.:)).

P/S - Moral:Rajin2lah exercise tak kira time kurus gemuk bukan saja untuk cantik but to keep fit/stay healthy.Rajin exercise insya-allah senang nak deliver baby.(apa kaitan?;p)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


My lips are getting dry..and I need 'you' to moisture it!LOL.;P

Don't get me wrong.'You' actually refers to my lippies.;)

Anyway, how much you care about your lips?Honestly, I wasn't the kind of woman who cares really much about her own lips until I got married.(Some women will never fail to put on/re-apply their lip balm or lip gloss or lipstick or whatsoever at anytime, anywhere regardless of what happen & I think that's amazing ok.) I think I can't stand wearing a lipstick for more than 10 minutes!Termasuklah during my big day, time makan saya rasa saya tak jaga pon lipstick sampai lipstick hilang.

I had my own lip stuff since I was in form 2 (and I keep buying a new one, sometimes) but it will end up with:
- tak pernah guna sampai habis.membazir!
- lama sangat tak guna sampai dah expired kot then rasa taknak pakai dah.
- hilang, ghaib tak dapat dikesan.
- sedekah kat my sisters.yang si kecik bongsu paling suka.masa dia kecik pon dia pernah bantai my lipstick sampai patah.

I used to be like that until...

I met Nivea Lip Care products.Sangat..apekah?Dah lama kot ada jual?Hehe..yeah but I've never give them a try.

I bought the Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection (right) first during last winter, then the Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm (left) for this Spring!Actually beli sebab dah nak habis.Habis ok!I never finish my lip balm/lipstick.1 kejayaan di situ.;p

I love both of them.
Repair & Protection:
Great for everyday use(anytime, anywhere).I apply it before bed too and it leaves my lips feeling soft in the morning.I love its natural smell.Besides, it's so cheap.I only paid $2.99 for it.

Fruity Shine Strawberry:

Read so many reviews before deciding on buying it.cos taknak jadi macam perkara2 dia atas I never liked fruit flavoured lip balm until I used this product.Bau lip balm strawberi yang paling best yang pernah saya bau.Macam aiskrim sedap.Glossy without the gold dust.Moisturising with a subtle red tint, I love its natural colour!

No more chappy lips!

A happy & satisfied customer,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Uyghur Restaurant

I can say that Uyghur Restaurant is one of our favourite restaurants in Adelaide.I think it's the first place (kat Adelaide) where my husband took me out for dinner.Yesterday, we went there once again to satisfy our cravings for Dapanji.Btw, "Dapanji" means big plate chicken.

As Uyghurs are Muslim, the food is halal.:)

Shop 3, 392 Prospect Road Kilburn

Dapanji Large $25 (approximately RM75)
It contains chickens, potatoes, something-like-big kuey teow & capsicums.

Dapanji.I love it so much!!1 big plate for 2 people?
Burp~~kenyang 1 hari sampai esok pagi, tak payah makan nasi.;p

FREE Chinese tea.You can refill as much as you want.dan selagi muka tebal nak mintak.

I can't remember its name but it's lamb and it's so yummy!!~~

There are many other Uyghur food/menus that are really interesting to share but I don't know where all my pics has gone.;p sebabnya asyik tangguh je nak buat entry pasal ni. Maybe you can read more about Uyghur food here.Cuisine of Xinjiang (the food of the Uyghurs) is a must-try food if you are in Adelaide!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Untuk wanita yang tidak pernah melupakan birthday saya selama 24 tahun.

Yang paling saya sayang tapi yang paling banyak saya lukakan hati, saya kira.:'(


Mak dah dapat kad jiwang daripada saya.Eceh.Saya ikut emak agaknya, suka kad jiwang.Eh, saya suka SMS jiwang jugak.;p

Mak membalas dengan SMS jiwang sampai saya susah nak tidur malam.:D tambah2 semalam tidur sorang, husband kerja malam.;p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perfume Wishlist

How I wish I have tons of perfume like this:;p. Honestly, I wasn't someone who's into perfume until I got married.My husband once (before kawen) suggested me to buy a Paris Hilton Heiress set for the hantaran and I just said, "Ok, go and buy it" without smelling it.How can you buy a perfume without smelling it?;p C'mon, now we have the internet kan.You can read all the perfume reviews.Kat Youtube pon ada.1st time tau I macam tahap jakun apa ntah.Kesian.;p

Yeah, perfumes are found a really difficult to review.Macam mana saya nak bagitau bau kucing saya dengan sebuah karangan?Ceh, lari topik. You can imagine it but it may not be the same as what you've imagined.Of course I can show you how's my cat looks like but I can't 'show' you its smell.LOL.

Fortunately, I love my wedding perfume!I love its smell, I love its bottle (it makes me like pink even I'm not really a pink lover!) It makes me feel like being a bride every time I spray it.Ceh, sebab masa kawen pakai.;p I thought it would be my all-time-favourite perfume.Actually now pon sangat suka jugak tapi gatal suka pulak yang ini;

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy!!~~~
Remember that it's been put in my wishlist?Ceh, tiada siapalah yang nak ingat.;p

What the fish beli botol 100ml & 50ml sekali?

Actually mula2 tunggu sale for the cheapest price.50ml is on bargain I pon beli.Then 100ml bargain lagi best I pon beli lagi.Padahal perfume sedia ada tak habis2 lagi.Sudahnya both perfume yang dibeli simpan je.Still new dalam plastik.Tengok je everyday supaya tak termimpi2 lagi.Hahah~~

This perfume was my midnight fantasy.:D My perfume wishlist is done now and I really hope that I won't have any more wish for a perfume.*dalam masa terdekat*

Btw, I'm planning to sell the 50ml bottle for RM140.100ml bottle is enough for me.Interested, anyone?Tapi kena tunggu saya balik Msia or ship barang ke Msia la.Heh.

December is around the corner.It means that Xmas sale sudah dekat.Wajib tahan nafsu.I repeat, wajib.Untuk masa depan yang gemilang.:D

Blogger Harapan?

Heh, jangan tanya saya harapan siapa sebab saya pon tak tau.;p Mungkin harapan kawan-kawan yang membaca blog seperti mana saya yang selalu mengharap kawan2 saya yang semakin busy hari ke hari dengan rutin masing2 untuk meng'update' blog mereka.

Anyway, thanks kepada Cik Faizura atas award ni.Nak panggil 'Along' pon boleh sebab dia ni anak sulung and she was born on 29th January.(lahir awal tahun macam Encik Husband.Hehe.) I used to call her 'Along' during the old days.Eh, bukan 'Along' the loan shark ok!;p Beliau ialah kawan 1 dorm masa form 1 & form 3.Juga kawan seperjuangan bertugas sebagai pengawas.hehe.

1. Kenapa suka "Memori Sang Muda"?

Actually I konpius dengan soalan ni.Ke suka blog pemberi award?*Tidak terjawab*

2. Reaksi selepas mendapat award ini
Tersengih je time baca nama award ni.Sebab selalu dengar Anugerah Artis Harapan.Blogger harapan pon ada ek?hih.:D~~

3. Memasing award

I wanna give this award to anyone who reads my blog!dan rajin mahu buat tag ini.~~Thanks!:D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cinta Organik

A good drama starring by Pierre Andre, Fauziah Gous, Yasmin Hani and Khatijah Tan.I love this drama cos it's quite funny and full of moral values.selain Fauziah Gous yang comey. It teaches us on how important to take care of ourselves by taking healthy food since our young age.Penyakit datang tak kira muda tua. It makes me wanna change my bad eating habits!

"Hey,tengah ada nafsu makan,makan!Jangan tunggu2...Kalau nak mati,kat mana2 pon boleh matilah.Tengah makan pon boleh mati.Yang hidup pasti mati,apa yang nak dirisaukannya?"
-Angah Raja Lawak.

Yeah, everything alive will die someday, that's for sure.Tapi sebagai hamba-nya kita kenalah usaha untuk jaga diri sendiri sebaik2nya.

The middle-end part of this drama tells us about the "Cinta Organik":D

Friday, October 8, 2010


One of the best parts of nak kawen is searching for barang hantaran.Sampai sekarang bila nampak benda best cam terdetik kat hati, "Wow,best ni buat hantaran!"Ok fine.I have to admit that masa saya sudah berlalu but everyday I miss my wedding day.;p

My husband once asked me whether I want a handbag or not.During that moment I said "No, I don't want any handbag for hantaran cos I love to keep buying a new one." So rasa macam bazir je beli mahal2.;p He warned me that I can buy an expensive one but I need to wear it sampai mati rosak.I was like " no no handbag!"There is people who loves to buy an expensive handbag and stick to it everyday.Tak kiralah pakai baju jenis apa pon akan di 'match'kan dengan beg mahal yang sudah dibeli.

Last time I thought that a Coach was very expensive. (ribu riban camtu.) I'm not sure its price at any Coach boutique in KL (Yeah, ribu riban maybe..) but it's quite affordable actually if you buy it via online.The blog owner is usually a student/person(Malaysian) who resides in U.S.

Watch Me Accessorize Myself
Aimal Hanad
Branded Gallery
Jualan Mega USA

why pay more if you can find any cheaper?Ceh.Ok, I know.If kamu spesies tak suka beli online & lebih $$$ beli sajalah di butik.Ikut suka hati masing2.:D

I'm so sorry to say that I'm not into fake or grade AAA bag.I would rather buy a handbag with no brand (like my current handbags except my Gucci, it's a gift from my aunt & I really love it!) than a fake Coach.

Btw, I've been eyeing this Coach.Hehe.;p I've been searching for it in U.S eBay.Geram gila harga kat M'sia (online) lagi murah my Gucci sunglasses.Nyesal tak beli masa nak kawen.;(Sebab time tu paling best ngada2 mintak macam2.;p

I want to save more here so that I can buy a Coach in Malaysia without any guilt.For the sake of shopping, I hope I lived in U.S!Banyak barang U.S still murah dari Aussie.Yeah, currency pon U.S still a bit higher.

P/S - Remember that I don't want to buy anything at full price like Annie Valentine, don't you?;p

Monday, October 4, 2010

Post wedding photoshoot

n.h.m.s at Adelaide Botanical Garden:

White jubah not my jubah nikah! (Carrefour Wangsa Maju)
Leather look jacket (eBay Australia)
Tudung & silver crooch(jalan TAR)
Ankle length boots (can't remember)
White big shades (Jessica Simpson)

'This is Raya Photoshoot lah!!~~hehe.

Teehee.Actually this is how has written in The Personal Shopper.More pics kat FB.:D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Personal Shopper

Got this book for FREE (worth RM42.90) from Novelholics since I won a contest called "Buku apa ni ek?";p I gave the right answer for the synopsis given.

I never read any Carmen Reid's book so I think I want to give it a try.

This is the first of Annie Valentine novels by Carmen Reid.I have Late Night Shopping and Celebrity Shopper too.

Overall, I'm not really enjoy the book but I love its cover!I took about 1-2 months to finish it.(Ke 3 bulan entah?) Annie Valentine is not as fun as Becky Bloomwood in shopaholic series.Padahal karakter & cara hidup mereka macam lebih kurang.

Anyway, I love this part;
"Personally, she never bought anything at full price: not a haircut (her hairdresser came to all her sale pre-previews), not a tin of beans (she knew what was on offer at every supermarket and cash and carry within a 20-mile radius of her home), not a car (secondhand, Christmas Eve, fantastic deal)."

She never bought anything at full price because she used staff discount at The Store (where she has worked as a personal shopper), she shopped during sale and she used eBay!

P/S - I don't want to buy anything at full price too, can I?;P

Mostaccioli Mayonnaise

Apart from paprik, masak kicap ,sambal telur/ayam, and Spaghetti (Bolognese&Carbonara), eh, banyak jugak aku reti masak.;p this could be one of the things that I can cook.:D (At this moment!)

It's Mostaccioli Mayonnaise!;p The name is given by me since I only had mostaccioli in my kitchen cabinet.LOL.Normally people will use macaroni instead of mostaccioli for this recipe. Btw, mostaccioli is a type of pasta.(Eh, macaroni pon pasta ke?Rasa cam ye but I'm not sure.) The taste is similar like spaghetti, fettuccine or apa2 jelah yang kamu panggil seangkatan dengannya padahal beza bentuk je yang lain.

I knew the recipe from my ex-colleague. I love its taste & smell and it is really easy-peasy recipe!

1. Boil the pasta (whatever type of pasta that you have in your kitchen.;p) with some chicken and drain.

2. Add *mayonnaise, black pepper, salt and vegetables (I used vegetable coleslaw worth $0.50.;p).Mix them well.

*According to your taste.