Saturday, October 23, 2010


My lips are getting dry..and I need 'you' to moisture it!LOL.;P

Don't get me wrong.'You' actually refers to my lippies.;)

Anyway, how much you care about your lips?Honestly, I wasn't the kind of woman who cares really much about her own lips until I got married.(Some women will never fail to put on/re-apply their lip balm or lip gloss or lipstick or whatsoever at anytime, anywhere regardless of what happen & I think that's amazing ok.) I think I can't stand wearing a lipstick for more than 10 minutes!Termasuklah during my big day, time makan saya rasa saya tak jaga pon lipstick sampai lipstick hilang.

I had my own lip stuff since I was in form 2 (and I keep buying a new one, sometimes) but it will end up with:
- tak pernah guna sampai habis.membazir!
- lama sangat tak guna sampai dah expired kot then rasa taknak pakai dah.
- hilang, ghaib tak dapat dikesan.
- sedekah kat my sisters.yang si kecik bongsu paling suka.masa dia kecik pon dia pernah bantai my lipstick sampai patah.

I used to be like that until...

I met Nivea Lip Care products.Sangat..apekah?Dah lama kot ada jual?Hehe..yeah but I've never give them a try.

I bought the Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection (right) first during last winter, then the Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm (left) for this Spring!Actually beli sebab dah nak habis.Habis ok!I never finish my lip balm/lipstick.1 kejayaan di situ.;p

I love both of them.
Repair & Protection:
Great for everyday use(anytime, anywhere).I apply it before bed too and it leaves my lips feeling soft in the morning.I love its natural smell.Besides, it's so cheap.I only paid $2.99 for it.

Fruity Shine Strawberry:

Read so many reviews before deciding on buying it.cos taknak jadi macam perkara2 dia atas I never liked fruit flavoured lip balm until I used this product.Bau lip balm strawberi yang paling best yang pernah saya bau.Macam aiskrim sedap.Glossy without the gold dust.Moisturising with a subtle red tint, I love its natural colour!

No more chappy lips!

A happy & satisfied customer,


  1. dlu kte pun mcm awk..selalu hilang n xpernah habis! but now, since da keje, terpaksa pakai kot..cepat la pulak duit kte habis sbb nk beli baru..hehe

  2. setiap bulan shopping..kalo x lipstic, mesti celak..kadang2, xhabis pun beli jugak..addicted! haha

  3. wow kagum!mesti da banyak koleksi ni.nanti wat 1 entry psl koleksi2 itu!sure best nak tengok.

  4. nanti kalau tapi segan pulak..nmpk sgt girlish! huahahaha!

  5. maaf yea..nk tnyla kt mana yea nk cari lip care repair n protection tu..yg warna hijau cari kt watson n guardian x jmp pn huhu