Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mas Airline vs Air Asia Meals

Mas Airline meals KL-Adelaide.One way economy class ticket costs RM17XX (bought during non-sale period).

Nasi with chicken rendang, cheese cake, Hwa Tai biscuits, 1 Ferrero Rocher, bun 'keras', something-like-raw-fish and plain water.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the 2nd meal that they had served.;p

Air Asia meal Melbourne-KL.One way promo ticket costs $29X or approximately RM900.Pre-book meal:International meal + Air Asia mineral water.

Air Asia meal KL-Melbourne.One way promo ticket costs $29X or approximately RM900.Pre-book meal:Malaysian meal + Air Asia mineral water.

P/S - You have to pre-book your meals via online or else nothing will be served during your long hours journey and you may save up to 20% on meals!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 1st Day in Melbourne

19 July 2010
- Departed from Adelaide.Flew with Tiger Airways.Yeay!!Got a window seat again!!
- Arrived Melbourne airport about 2pm after 1 hour & 30 minutes journey.
- Adelaide is 30 minutes behind Melbourne.

Bye2 Adelaide.See you after 1 week.;p

- My dear cousin fetched me at the airport.She took me to her house at Lygon Street.
- Walked around Melbourne city, bought a perfume and had dinner.
- Melbourne is not as cold as I've thought.Penat je bawak jaket yg paling tebal.Thanks to my cousin who lent me her nice jacket.(I think it makes me slimmer & taller.;p)

- I couldn't sleep well at night even the room was comfortable enough with heater.(Missing my husband, maybe?;p) Btw, we only use heater at night starting from 8pm at our home in Adelaide and we only use blanket heater while sleeping. My husband has trained me to survive without heater at home maka badan saya agak kebal pada waktu siang sehingga jam 8 malam.;p

How to Stay Warm at Home Without a Heater?These are some of our tips.

P/S - I love wearing thermal gear everyday to keep me warm.sampai laki sendiri punya pon saya sapu.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Journey


It's 5 days to go before going to Melbourne-KL.I'll stay at my cousin's house at Melbourne for 2 nights (without my husband).Actually I didn't plan to go back to my hometown this soon but due to some things that can't be avoided,dapatlah saya balik jumpa kucing saya dan makan makanan Malaysia yang saya rindu.;p I NEED to go to Melbourne-KL.

My luggage is already full with tons of perfumes, 7 bars of cadbury chocolates & 1 set Corelle.LOL. All the perfumes are bought for my sister and my customers,none for me.;p

Hmm..I'm quite excited to go to Melbourne/KL, but I hate long hours flight!I can't wear my lenses during long hours flight.Terribly uncomfortable!And you know me, I hate wearing glasses.:(Tapi kat Aussie saya tak kisah pulak nak pakai spec pegi mana-mana.;p

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half Day

Yesterday we went to Glenelg. Glenelg is Adelaide's most popular beach destination.It's quite far from our home; about 20-30 minutes drive.This is my 2nd time going to the beach here.Alamak,yang tempat 1st tu tak ingat nama.;p Since it's winter now, you won't see anyone wearing bikini at the beach.;p You'll just see people are jogging, canoeing, taking their dogs for a walk etc.


Beautiful view

Yours truly.;p



No caption

Beach house

Tram.One of the specialties of Adelaide.:)

You may find a wide range of shops for all your needs here.I was craving for an ice-cream (even it's winter!) so let's go to...

Nando's???No,not Nando's..;p

Let's go to.........

Royal Copenhagen!

I was getting confused with which one to order.;p

I chose Cookies Cream Regular 1 scoop. It costs $5 (no tax). You can add chocolate on your cone and whipped cream on top for FREE!!

The best part is, you can always add-on colourful/choc rice or nuts and fudging up your ice creams with the chocolate and caramel fudges while eating them!!
Left:Choc fudge Right:Caramel fudge

Before going back home, we went to Sofra Kebab House for dinner.

Ok, enough for today.:)I'm tired of uploading pictures. Btw, for my family/friends, if you wanna see the clearer pics, you may visit my fb.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

eBay Australia

I go shopping for groceries with my husband at least once a week. Our regular purchases are bread, eggs, sugar, juices and fresh milk. Fresh milk is quite cheap here thus we use fresh milk to make hot chocolate, milo, coffee and tea as well.That's why I'm gaining weight!ada kena mengena tak? I rarely go shopping for clothes or accessories here. It is because I love to do online shopping!! You know, I always made purchase via online when I was in Malaysia - clothes, bag, contact lenses etc.And yes, hantaran items too!

You may get all branded items at unbelievable price. That's the reason why I love online shopping so much.Besides, I never been cheated by dishonest seller.*Syukurlah!*

eBay Australia is not as boring as eBay Malaysia. I prefer than eBay in Malaysia.Until now,I've made 7 purchases via eBay Australia and I've got 5 positive feedback scores.Yeay! -and yes, use PayPal to stay safe!

P/S - Don't spend too much time on eBay. Your parents or husband may hide your netbook/phone!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rendang Ayam

Husband's Rendang Ayam was as superb as Chef Hanieliza! He took the recipe from her book,"Senangnya Memasak Ayam". Of couse I can't reveal the recipe here.You have to buy the book.;p

Btw, nowadays you can easily google for Rendang Ayam Recipe on the internet.It's just that I think Chef Hanieliza has made a recipe which is easier for a beginner.

I told my husband that he can cook Rendang Ayam for this coming Hari Raya.:D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Without You

Even we have a quite big TV in our home, my husband and I are rarely spend our time together to watch it. We only watched some World Cup matches together. The reason is...

we prefer to watch Youtube and keep laughing together.There are so many videos that he has shown me.One of them is this video.:)

Ken Lee = Can't Live.:)

Tak baik tau gelakkan orang.Tapi sometimes memang takleh tahan nak gelak.;pAnyway, she is not too bad at singing rite?

I really love this song, of course la by Mariah Carey.Btw,MPH AA always play this song.;)