Thursday, December 29, 2011

17 weeks pregnant

Husband and I once dreamed we had a baby girl. I always thought a dream is just a dream but kebetulan during my latest check up the sonographer said it's 99% confirmed that I'm having a baby girl, a mini-me!

"The baby is actively moving!Don't you feel it?"

Ye.Tak rasa apa2 melainkan rasa tak sabar nak buang air akibat banyak minum sejam sebelum scan untuk dapatkan imej baby yang clear.

Till now (about 17weeks & 4days) I still can't feel my baby moving. Doctor said it's normal for 1st pregnancy. Sometimes you have to wait till 22 weeks to feel it!

Insya-Allah, a mini-me in the making.:)

Will confirm it once again during next check up on 9th January!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boxing Day WishList

When husband said, "Jom pegi Melbourne boxing day!" I replied, "Eh, nak beli apa je macam takde benda je nak beli." Actually macam nak saving2 pergi Sydney bulan 2, insya-allah, so macam tak fikir apa sangat pon nak beli. Baby things rasa macam awal sangat je nak beli cos 29 Dec insya-allah baru tau gender & boleh start shopping sikit2. (Ceh, cakap je awal padahal dah beli senyap2 kat lol.)

Now, I've been starting to write down what to shop on Boxing Day.;p

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 (Orange) 

Source: Here

Gatal nak Instax pulak lepas tengok my friend's wedding pics.Till now tak pernah berangan nak DSLR lagi sebab rasa tak berbakat & malas nak belajar skill2 tangkap gambar (honest gila kan cakap je malas.;p) & rasa membazir beli DSLR kalau takde skill tangkap gambar + skill editing. Will buy it kalau price kat Aussie lebih murah daripada Msia during Boxing Day nanti.

Source: Nadrah's wedding pic.

 2. Sheridan Double Bed Sheet Set

Double bed je?Yes, our bed memang kecik tapi BIG enough for us.Lebih kecik, lebih rapat & romantik kan?(wek!).;p If si kenit datang sibuk nak tumpang nanti mesti tak rasa big dah.Kih3. One of my hobbies is changing bedsheets sekerap mungkin so I need bedsheets sebanyak mungkin.

3. Cheetah luggage
Source: Here.

I don't have any proper luggage even dah travel sana sini.Kesian kan?;p Wanna have the cheetah luggage cos I think it's so easy to recognize! (Selain sebab sangat suka animal print) Kalau tak time nak ambil luggage tu tengok macam lebih kurang sama je. Berpusing2 kepala. Sendiri pulak terlebih sengal sometimes lupa pulak bawak luggage colour apa, jenis apa.(As I said I don't have any proper luggage before!)

....and the list goes on macam ada duit 8 juta.;p 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks HopShopGo!

Victoria's Secret offered FREE Tote Bag (worth $70) so tangan pon gatal nak online shopping even my body is growing day by day. Ok, let's hope I can still fit into them.;p When I entered the coupon code (to get the gift) during check out process, the system said, "You are eligible for the free gift because you're not reside in U.S.." Ha.Camtu la lebih kurang..tak ingat sangat dah. I was like, "Hah??!Tak jadi la nak beli camni sebab takdela nak beli sangat3 pon."

And then terfikir...ahah.I've heard of HopShopGo before so I decided to give it a try. And yes.. I knew about it here.

The best thing is sepanjang Disember dapat $15 off untuk shipping dari U.S ke Australia (or anywhere) + you get 10% off if you pay via Paypal. Kalau tak guna HopShopGo, takkan eligible to get the free gifts + you have to pay more for the shipping!

It took only about 6 days to reach my door once the parcel has arrived to my U.S address.

Ok, I'm still thinking whether to sell the tote bag or not since I really hate pink.;p The thing is ada ke orang nak beli? cos I wanna sell it at its original price.Over!;p Otherwise, I might use it as a green bag or a nappy bag if only my baby is a girl.;p Husband said, "Cantiklaa beg ni.."

I was surprised to see what's in the bag. Another free gifts?!!Yeay! Perfume lepas pulak kat kastam Aussie? Weird but that's very good! Boleh la shopping lotion & perfume kat VS website.:)

Body mist. Lotion. Reward card (That's a good reason to shop again!). Sample of perfume and foundation.

Monday, December 5, 2011

14 weeks pregnant

Yup.Now I'm about 14 weeks pregnant. Dah 14 weeks baru nak reveal sebab risau pregnancy yang still baru. Tau pregnant when I was about 4 weeks pregnant. Told my family & kawan2 terdekat je. Actually now pon macam serba salah jugak bagitau cos I'm still not a mom yet. Risau if anything happen kat baby nanti meroyan pulak. Therefore, I choose to be not too excited. Apapun, I just keep praying for this baby & dipermudahkan segalanya..Amin.

And yes, it's a planned pregnancy once I'm ready to become a mom and of course I'm so glad to have it! Thank you Allah! Masa 1st visit nak confirmkan  pregnant, the doctor asked me, "Do you wanna keep this pregnancy?" I was like, "Apa punya soalan ni?Dah la tak ucap tahniah pon.Tak nampak ke muka dah excited ni?!." ~_~  Rupanya kata sorang kawan di sini, memang macam tu prosedurnya. Doktor tanya dulu pesakit then only dia akan nasihat tentang what to do next, what to eat etc.

           5 Dec 2011 - Pic taken during my 1st check up at Women & Children's Hospital (WCH), Adelaide.

Alhamdulillah, I'm healhy now or at least, I feel healthy.;p So far takde simptom or alahan yang teruk2 except I had terrible stomach pain during 5 weeks pregnancy sampai paksa husband bawa ke hospital.

Insya-Allah, I'll deliver the baby at WCH which is about 15-minute drive from my house. We need to wait for another few weeks to find out the baby's gender. Husband wants his junior but I don't mind whether it's a boy or a girl dah asalkan sihat & sempurna.(Sounds like a true mother eh skang?Ahahah.) The thing is I have no experience being a mother, takut kena pancut dengan baby boy while changing his nappy.Kah3.;p

So this summer kami tak balik Malaysia pon.:( I'll miss all my friends' weddings again! I spend most of the time pergi class padahal uni sangat lengang now. Siapa je nak enroll summer class kan..Better pergi holiday or balik Malaysia. Poor my baby. Miss all Malaysian food & kena paksa plak study. I hope it will make him/her a strong person. Amin.