Thursday, August 11, 2011


This week has been a hectic week. I guess it will be the same for another few weeks. Raya?! Phew~~ rasanya tiada dalam kepala at this moment & takde dalam kamus for this year.Yeah, sounds pathetic but I'm still happy cos at least bila busy kurang sikit rasa nak balik Malaysia. I have class on 2nd Hari Raya + due date semua beratur masa raya.*clap2* I never thought doing Master sesibuk sekarang. Enroll 4 courses je kot for 1 semester (1 of them is online courses) tapi beban rasa macam enroll 6 courses untuk undergraduate.~_~

Ok, back to the topic - classmates. Most of them are Chinese & Indians. Sometimes I feel like studying in Malaysia, not in Adelaide. Only few of them are Aussies & kalau ada pon jangan harap ye nak friendly or tegur unless if diorang takde kawan nak work in group. My close friend now is Ananthi and I think she'll be the only one that I always work with throughout my Master. We share some similarities - 25 y.o, married & love cooking but now we don't have enough time for it.;p I mean memasak dengan bahagia & tenang. Yang lain, tiada persamaan ye.;p

The worst thing is, there were classmates asking me silly questions."Are you Muslim?" " Are you Indian?" Arrrgghh.Tengok tudung & hidung pon dah tau.Kecik hati ok.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Since yesterday was my 21st birthday (ehem!;p) I didn't have to cook! Here we were last night for buka puasa..


124b Henley Beach Road
Torrensville, 5031 SA


Quite expensive for me even though it was husband paid for it.;p

I don't remember its name & I don't know how to pronounce it correctly. The waitress has pronounced its name tapi makcik terpekak!;p Anyway, it's sticky rice+ meatballs+yogurt.

Morgh Kebab $19.

Chopan Kebab $19.

Quite delicious but I would say it's not as yummy as Uyghur food. (It's just my opinion) Anyway, it's good for you if you like to try new food. So bad we didn't finish our meals because of large portions. Just 'tapau' to bring home.:D

The good thing is takde arak ye dijual di sini. Omputih bawak sendiri time nak makan kat sini. FYI, the restaurant was full of omputih. Husband said, "At least the Afghans are still practicing it". Kalah TGI Jumaat you..(Eh2 kat TGI Jumaat ada Muslims serve arak ke?) I don't know cos I've never been there since kat Malaysia banyak sangat tempat makan.

OK, for more reviews, you can read it here.