Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fel-Fella Pizza

Craving for pizza?

Pizza Hut is non-halal here so my husband took me to Fel-Fella (catchy name, is it?) to satisfy our wants.Besides pizza, you can find halal pasta, fish & chips & hot chicken here.Actually you may call for delivery but since my husband wanted to take me out for a night walk, we went straight to Fel-Fella.

I just read the "Happy Hour Special" promotion on the wall as we were arriving there at 8 p.m sharp. I aimed to buy 2 large pizzas at $19.90 but unfortunately we couldn't buy the promotion set since the promotion has just ended.:(

We ordered 2 small pizzas, (Supreme and Seafood pizza) and small chips which cost around $25.Sorry, no pictures of pizza cos we were too eager too eat them!What I can say is Fel-Fella is as delicious as Pizza Hut but of course in its own taste.Btw, I love "pasar malam" pizza.;p

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Hero Chef

Believe me or not, I never cook for my husband since we got married!Adakah membuat teh/kopi dan menyapu chocolate mud spread pada roti itu termasuk dalam memasak?Jika ya,maka pernahlah jawabnya.;pIt's not because I'm sooo lazy to cook. It's because my husband who doesn't allow me to cook! Should I tell you why?(No need I think.;p) That what makes I think my husband is so special for me!And for that, alhamdulillah..:)

Btw,ok,I know that I'm not really a good cook.It's because I rarely cook!The best recipes that I can cook are padprik, sambal ayam/telur, masak kicap and spaghetti.LOL.I think everyone knows how to make spaghetti.I know how to make other recipes theoretically but I never try them. I've bought 4 series of "Senangnya Memasak" by Chef Hanieliza during last book fair in KL but I never try any recipe yet until now.(at least to show some effort?lol.)

Trust me,my hero is a good cook.You just name it - curry,padprik,kurma,tomyam, bubur ayam,nasi lemak etc.They taste good!And for today's dinner, my hero chef cooked this for me!!:')The recipe that I always cooked for him during the old days.;p


P/S - My mom blamed me when I told her my husband cooked for me.Different people, different way rite?:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Queen's Birthday Holiday

Last Monday was Queen's Birthday Holiday. We had a long weekend (Saturday,Sunday+Monday) so we went to Adelaide Botanic Garden. It's just like Bukit Cerakah or Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam in Malaysia but you can't find any bicycle to rent here thus you have to walk.;p Actually, my husband wanted me to have some exercises as I have been getting bigger - horizontally.(he said,not me!) Btw, I never weigh myself since I reached here.1. we don't have any weight scale 2. It's quite hard to find one like we have in most shopping malls in Malaysia 3. Maybe we don't even think that it is something necessary.However, I really hope that my weight won't reach 50kilos yet!(as my ideal weight is 47-48kg)

Ok, now..welcome to Adelaide Botanic Garden!I warn you,look at the background,not the lady with the red tudung,she maybe will make you yawn or vomit!Hahahh.

Water lilies?

Cactus in different species and sizes.

I wish we can have a picnic here during spring!

Felt like sitting on a big green carpet.

Ok, I want to sleep now.;p

I don't know what-its-name.

It's not spring yet.So there is not much to show.I'll ask my husband to come here again.

Gotta go.Bye2.

Friday, June 18, 2010


What are you doing during your weekend?

Every Saturday morning (about 10.30am) my husband will send me to Sis Nita's house for taalim. Taalim is an activity which you have to sit together to hear anything about Quran,hadith,adab, stories of sahaba etc.My husband and I used to have taalim at home during our free time. However, he still sends me to Sis Nita's house so that I can be friend with other sisters from various countries.

Besides gaining more knowledge in Islam, I can learn English in many type of accents. The taalim was in English (read by Sis Nita who is a Greek Australian woman) so that I need to pay more attention in order to fully understand it or else it won't be no meaning at all.;p Btw, I always think of myself as having bad hearing.LOL.

I need taalim for myself to become a better Muslim and gain knowledge of the Quran consistently, or else I will be always on the same level of who I am now (as a Musliam) or maybe worse.Nauzubillah.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boys Over Flowers

Both my sisters (Alia & Fatin) are always going crazy about Boys Over Flowers.When I was in Malaysia I didn't have any time at all + I didn't have any interest in watching it. While I'm here in Adelaide,I decided to give it a try so I watched it on Youtube since the internet connection here is super duper fast!Btw, I know that I'm too late to watch it since everyone has been talking about it for ages.Nevermind, better late than never.;p

Finished watching it (25 episodes) during my 1st week in Adelaide and I've found that it could be one of my all time favourite Korean dramas!It is as interesting as My Girl which I used to watch it again and again during my university years.I was being typical me - cried while watching some emotional scenes.LOL.

Btw, I just knew that it is an adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango.-_-'

P/S - I love both songs! -Boys Over Flowers OST (Almost Paradise) & My Girl OST (Never Say Goodbye).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Myer Tea Tree Plaza

Yesterday my husband took me to Myer Tea Tree Plaza, since I've never been there before. It is not as big as MidValley Megamall or One Utama in Malaysia. However, there were many people there since Myer was having their sale or maybe because yesterday was Saturday.

One of the reasons of going to Myer:

Clinique 3-Step Skin Care for trial.FOC of course!;p

My friend has suggested me to try Clinique products as I complained to her about my skin which was getting dry especially on nose area due to cold weather.Btw, my skin now is going back to normal even better I think by using my usual daily facial care, Irise. I just need to apply them more regularly than before.What I love most during winter is my skin won't become oily at all!

We made our 1st purchase at Angus and Robertson. It is a bookstore chain in Australia. I don't know which outlet of Angus&Robertson is the biggest one but in Myer, it is not even as big as MPH Alpha Angle.;)

Left:Mine Right:Not mine.

Back to the main purpose of going shopping, searching for a pair of winter boots since I couldn't stand the weather anymore.

Looks like a pair of boring boots but they are comfortable enough.;p

Before going back home,I forced my husband to shop at Chemist Warehouse as they were having sale too!!

100% genuine of course.Can you let it go at $9.99??!No, I can't!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mount Lofty

I believe that it is a "must see" for any visitor to South Australia.It is just near the Cleland Wildlife Park.

That was where my first time watching sunset with my beloved husband.


Enjoyed sunset at 710 metres above sea level .

Unimportant notice - Of course you can't enlarge the 2nd pic.;p

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cleland Wildlife Park

Want to meet koala and kangaroo?? At Adelaide, you can meet them at Cleland Wildlife Park which is an obligatory place for every tourist.It is just 20 minutes from the Adelaide city centre. It opens daily from 9.30am-5pm.(No entry after 4.30 pm.) Ooops..it is not for FREE.;P You have to pay $17(adult) for the admission fee plus $3 for each animal food if you wish to feed the animals.The good thing is they provide extensive FREE parking.Yeay!!


Now let me take you to treasure what's inside.Ready?????!!

1. Koala, small bear-like but it is not a bear, tree-dwelling, herbivorous marsupial.

2. Kangaroo (not kanggaroo like Malay spells kanggaru.)

3. Wallaby Can you see the difference with the kangaroo?? It is smaller of course.:) Somehow I managed to get confused to differentiate them.;p

4. Bandicoot. It looks like a big rat which you can find them almost everywhere in the park.

5. Tasmanian Devil like the animated cartoon character, thus you can't hold them!You may lose your fingers.;p

6. Dingo Dinner

7. Emu, the large flightless bird.

8. Wombat

and some other animals which I wasn't aware of what-their-specific-names-are.

Bye2 Cleland!Hope to go there again.:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Majestic Minima Hotel

My husband booked a hotel for us to surprise me as I had a tiring long journey (about 7 hours) and didn't get enough sleep. He brought me to Majestic Minima Hotel which is Adelaide's first self check-in hotel!

This hotel has no staff and you check-in via a video screen.The self check-in facility is available at the Kiosk located in main entrance of hotel. The room was tiny but fully equipped with all the essentials.(king size bed,LCD TV, small writing desk,tea & coffee making facilities,bar fridge,hair dryer, iron & small ironing board etc)