Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mostaccioli Mayonnaise

Apart from paprik, masak kicap ,sambal telur/ayam, and Spaghetti (Bolognese&Carbonara), eh, banyak jugak aku reti masak.;p this could be one of the things that I can cook.:D (At this moment!)

It's Mostaccioli Mayonnaise!;p The name is given by me since I only had mostaccioli in my kitchen cabinet.LOL.Normally people will use macaroni instead of mostaccioli for this recipe. Btw, mostaccioli is a type of pasta.(Eh, macaroni pon pasta ke?Rasa cam ye but I'm not sure.) The taste is similar like spaghetti, fettuccine or apa2 jelah yang kamu panggil seangkatan dengannya padahal beza bentuk je yang lain.

I knew the recipe from my ex-colleague. I love its taste & smell and it is really easy-peasy recipe!

1. Boil the pasta (whatever type of pasta that you have in your kitchen.;p) with some chicken and drain.

2. Add *mayonnaise, black pepper, salt and vegetables (I used vegetable coleslaw worth $0.50.;p).Mix them well.

*According to your taste.


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