Friday, October 8, 2010


One of the best parts of nak kawen is searching for barang hantaran.Sampai sekarang bila nampak benda best cam terdetik kat hati, "Wow,best ni buat hantaran!"Ok fine.I have to admit that masa saya sudah berlalu but everyday I miss my wedding day.;p

My husband once asked me whether I want a handbag or not.During that moment I said "No, I don't want any handbag for hantaran cos I love to keep buying a new one." So rasa macam bazir je beli mahal2.;p He warned me that I can buy an expensive one but I need to wear it sampai mati rosak.I was like " no no handbag!"There is people who loves to buy an expensive handbag and stick to it everyday.Tak kiralah pakai baju jenis apa pon akan di 'match'kan dengan beg mahal yang sudah dibeli.

Last time I thought that a Coach was very expensive. (ribu riban camtu.) I'm not sure its price at any Coach boutique in KL (Yeah, ribu riban maybe..) but it's quite affordable actually if you buy it via online.The blog owner is usually a student/person(Malaysian) who resides in U.S.

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Aimal Hanad
Branded Gallery
Jualan Mega USA

why pay more if you can find any cheaper?Ceh.Ok, I know.If kamu spesies tak suka beli online & lebih $$$ beli sajalah di butik.Ikut suka hati masing2.:D

I'm so sorry to say that I'm not into fake or grade AAA bag.I would rather buy a handbag with no brand (like my current handbags except my Gucci, it's a gift from my aunt & I really love it!) than a fake Coach.

Btw, I've been eyeing this Coach.Hehe.;p I've been searching for it in U.S eBay.Geram gila harga kat M'sia (online) lagi murah my Gucci sunglasses.Nyesal tak beli masa nak kawen.;(Sebab time tu paling best ngada2 mintak macam2.;p

I want to save more here so that I can buy a Coach in Malaysia without any guilt.For the sake of shopping, I hope I lived in U.S!Banyak barang U.S still murah dari Aussie.Yeah, currency pon U.S still a bit higher.

P/S - Remember that I don't want to buy anything at full price like Annie Valentine, don't you?;p

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