Thursday, September 2, 2010

Break fast @ Barnacle Bill

After we had our Maghrib prayer, (berbuka sikit kat rumah of course.) me and my husband went to Barnacle Bill.It is Australia's cooked seafood specialist where you can eat prawns, scallops, calamari etc with chips and tartar sauce. Anyway, this is not our first time eating in Barnacle Bill. I think we have been there for 3-4 times. We always prefer to dine in the restaurant rather than take away food tak habis balun baru tapau so we can have the fresh chips and put sweet chilli sauce as much as we want.;p Otherwise, you have to buy it for $0.70 or use your own sauce at home.:D

Sefton Plaza, 239 Main North Road(about 4 minutes drive from our house.:))

Family Feast Set - $28.50(approximately RM85);consists of
4 Pieces of Butterfish
12 Prawns,
12 Calamari
large Chips

Chocolate Mousse - $2.70 (approximately RM8)

Btw, has anyone ever eat Fasta Pasta@ Ikano Power Centre? saya suka sebut Fasta Pasta laju2 sebab bunyi macam sedap.;p I think Fasta Pasta is one of the famous restaurants in Australia and it's an Australian chain restaurant. In South Australia (which is my state), it has already established 15 outlets. I'm not sure yet whether Fasta Pasta here can eat or not.(beef and chicken confirm la tak boleh.I don't think ada pasta ikan?LOL) Hopefully I can try it when I come back to Malaysia.

P/S - Hopefully nanti kat Malaysia ada Barnacle Bill pulak.:D

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