Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Raya

2nd Raya - went to a friend's house for 'beraya', had banana split at Dairy Bell.

Shop 6/168 Melbourne Street, SA

Banana split: $6.80 (approximately RM20)
3-scoop ice cream (which you can choose your fav flavor of course!)
1 biscuit roll
Several toppings (which you can choose too. I chose Caramel & Choc Topping)
Banana or bananas? I'm not sure of it.;p ; chopped

3rd Raya - Went to Malaysian Carnival '10 at Victoria Square. It was an event which organized by Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia, South Australian Chapter (MASCA SA) for the South Australian community to experience and be immersed in the essence of Malaysian culture.Can you imagine thousands of people (thousands I think.;p) from all over places gathered at the centre of Adelaide city to have fun during the event? termasuklah omputih:)

Proof of attendance. Perlu ke?Hampeh.;p

Very looooong queue to buy meals. There were nasi lemak, laksa, satay, rendang, name it.(Malaysian food la of course!)

Other booths yang saya tak ambil 'port' sangat.

One of the performances. There were dikir barat, joget, fashion show for Malaysian traditional costume etc.

We had nasi lemak and laksa for our lunch.Haruslah main ikut jalan belakang dengan tidak beratur sebab beli kat gerai kawan.;p They cost $21 but the lovely Kak Mashitah gave us $1 off.Hee~~thanks!Okla kan.Business is business.Takkan nak bagi pree semua kawan2.Tutup kedai lah jawabnya.;p

Yummy nasi lemak! Honestly I think 1 is not enough for me.;p laksa.Luckily that laksa is one of my fav food so 'we' managed to finish it.LOL

Before going back home, got 1 free satay which cost $2.50 (RM7.50); the most expensive satay that I've ever eaten.LOL.Alhamduliillah rezeki raya.~~

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