Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladies & Moustache

Some people might think that it's a little bit funny; a woman with moustache.Why so some women have moustache? I bet these are some of the answers.For some women, their moustaches are too obvious too see but some women are lucky; they don't have any hair on their upper lip. As for me, I have a little bit moustache but not the same as the picture below.LOL.

There are certain techniques that I've used to remove it.

1. Threading - I did it during my preparation for my big day. I did all over my face (except eyebrows of course) The result is fantastic! Your face will look bright and flawless especially when you apply foundation/make up. Threading can be quite painful.(especially kat bahagian hujung2 pipi.Ouchhh!)


2.Plucking - This is the most hated technique. I'll feel almost to sneeze.Pastu lembab nak tunggu cabut satu persatu.Takkan nak cabut sekali 8?Oucch! I rarely pluck my 'moustache', unless if my husband offers his help.LOL.

3.Using facial hair removal cream - I used Nair Cream Hair Removal. You just need to apply the cream on your upper lip and leave it for about 7 minutes.(refer the instructions) and wipe it with a tissue.You'll see the immediate result. I love to use the cream but unfortunately my younger brother stole it from me!Lupa nak amik balik!

4. Waxing - My husband always suggests me to to wax it but I'm quite afraid to do so. Now I think I should give a try so yesterday I bought Nair Easiwax at Priceline.Hopefully the result will be satisfying.

P/S - Don't use a shaver!

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