Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Lantern Festival

*A quick update*

Just got back from Moon Lantern Festival@ Adelaide Festival Centre.

As you can see, there were many big lanterns.Sorry for the low quality pics.(1st - the camera; 2nd - so many people were busy capturing pictures during that moment.Saya tak kuasa nak selit2 lama2.)

Watched fireworks, walking from one booth to another (there were few booths selling food, lanterns etc); I just bought a cup of cappuccino selebihnya mahu berjalan2 dating melihat alam saja.;p Many people were having picnic there.A picnic at night..sounds cool huh?Heh.;)

Had Mocha at Scoozi with some other friends before going back home.

P/S - OMG!Too much caffeine for today!*Sigh*termasuk nescafe gold for breakfast pagi tadi.

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