Sunday, August 15, 2010

G'day, mate!

Random things about my life in Adelaide:

1. I take a shower once a day in the morning/afternoon (during winter)*Tak busuk ok!Sebab tak peluh pon.

2. I rarely drive since I needed to learn how to drive an auto car.and it's a wagon!My first time driving auto was Wani's car.*Reti bawak tapi kekok.Hopefully balik Msia nanti kaki kiri saya masih 'hidup'.

3. I take too much time on grocery shopping even I've made a shopping list.*Untuk pastikan 100% confirm HALAL.:)Habis semua brand dibelek.

4. You know how much I love cats?Cats are nowhere to be seen here.:(*Kat tepi jalan nak pegang/tenyeh/kutip memang takde.Nak pergi beli dekat Pet Shop or ebay (exaggerate)

5. Lotions, moisturizer and lip balm are my best friends.My skin and lips will become rough without them.

6. I don't watch Aussie news but at least I know who Julia Gillard is.;p Ok.I read Yahoo Australia news and I watched Dancing With The Stars (kat Malaysia versi Sehati Berdansa) yesterday.

7. I found that Athan software is very useful.

8. I always bring my reusable shopping bag since you won't get any free plastic bag while shopping here.*Except sesetengah barang basah.

9. Milo/nescafe are not as tasteful as in Msia.*Even nampak sama je packaging.Lain rasanya.Telan sajalah lama2 sedap aje.;p

10. It's so hard to find hot chilli sauce here.(Macam sos Life kat Msia.Ke sini memang takde?)You can only find sweet chilli sauce.Nasib baiklah lidah saya suka sos ala thai

11. I've learned how to be familiar with this thing:

Kalau kat Msia dulu sanggup tahan *** nak cari toilet cangkung.;p

P/S - G'day, mate: Aussie slang for Hello, friend!~~


  1. hahha! yg last skali tu lawak ok!

  2. heh.terpakse kat dlm public toilet xde air..(kat sinki ade ler) ade tisu je..pepandai ler nak basuh cmne or tahan *** je.;p

  3. perghhh!! aku rase aku rela tahan kOt~!! aiyyaaarkk!!!