Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kampung Night 2010

My husband and I went to a dinner event which is called 'Kampung Night 2010'. It is jointly organized by MASCA SA (Malaysian Students' Council of Australia,South Australia), UMNO SA and MySA to celebrate Malaysia's 53rd year of independence.I was so excited to see other Malaysians and it felt like being in my own beloved country.:)

The ticket price is $40 for a student.

The dress code for the night is 'Orang Kampung' or traditional.I didn't have any special attire to match the dress code.:( I only have a pair of baju kurung here and the rest are jubah)!Therefore, I just wore my nikah jubah!(to match the dress code and my husband's baju melayu!LOL)

We sat at Table A (which is quite near to the stage) along with my husband's friends (Their wives are my friends too.) Btw, we've planned to be seated together.;p

There were performances like joget, dikir barat etc but what attracts me most was the food!;p (The lucky draw too, maybe, but I didn't win any.Isk.)

Ok,let's see the food.(All food are catered by San Giorgio and they were HALAL.)


Starter:Fettuccine with Napolitana Sauce

Main course:Alternate drop of beef steak & grilled chicken I think.(Mine:beef steak Him:grilled chicken.)


Dessert: Yummy-licious Chocolate Mousse (I wish I know how to make one!)

ok,and that's us!:D

P/S - I've been missing Kuih Raya.:(

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