Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My name is..

This is what happen when you put your child's name too long.;p (Kat negara omputih jela kot.) Sometimes they put my name as Noor Sharudin.LOL.(My dad will accidentally think that the letter is his if he were here.)

Besides,some people here can't pronounce my name correctly.(Padahal kat Malaysia my name is one of the common names) For my convenience & others too, I prefer to introduce myself as Hida.(dengar international sikit.;p ) Sakit telinga dengar orang salah sebut nama kita bila sebut nama penuh2.

"So your name is Hida.Do you know that in English we have Hilda as a girl's name?"
"Yes, I know that."

Based on my own experience, I think I'll put my child's name short, simple, meaningful and 'sounds international'.Padahal nama yang saya suka tu panjang & kurang 'international'

Anyway, I'm sure that there are a lot of issues about people's name which is you or people around you might as well face it.(similar name, wrong spelling, wrong pronunciation, being humiliated, etc ):)


  1. hahha.then aku rase kalau aku p obersi aku introduce diri aku as diane.kOmpOm senang deOrg nak sebut.hahha.

  2. hida?
    okeh,dah tau my international name.;p

  3. intan:yeah..acceptable nama tu.hehe.

    xi da ya:heh.:D