Thursday, November 11, 2010

Late Night Shopping

This book is a sequel to The Personal Shopper.I bought this book via online a few months ago from Bangi Bookseller but I only managed to finish it a few days ago.Yeah, I've so many books which are still pending to read.(About 15 books!!);p

The main character Annie Valentine was even more annoying and pathetic than she was in the first book but I really love to read the part where she kept using eBay to buy and sell!She made a lot of money from her online eBay shop, Annie V's Trading Station.

"I have a shop on eBay, I sell second-hand clothes, bags, shoes and discount things from the shop I work in"-Annie Valentine

Being a personal shopper is 'cool', isn't it?You may know/afford all the designer items!

If you're looking for a funny book, this is not the book.Kinsella's books are more funny.However, it's a fabulous & sexy read.Carmen Reid is more open to sex scene than Kinsella.Btw, I always prefer funny+fabulous chick-lits!~~

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