Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get rewarded for taking online surveys!

Yeay!Finally I've received my reward for taking online surveys.Online survey yang saya buat ni tak bagi cash $$$ macam kat Malaysia ada Youthsays Tu pon saya punya reward naik macam siput padahal sign up before datang Aussie. You'll get vouchers instead of cash.:D

The reward options are Coles gift card,Woolworths Wish Gift card, Dymocks Bookstore giftcard etc and I chose to have Coles gift card!!Btw, Coles & Woolworths adalah supermarket yang besar & popular kat Aussie.I go to Coles/Woolworths almost everyday for grocery shopping since jalan kaki aje sudah sampai.(Kat Msia I selalu jealous rumah siapa dekat Jusco.Nak pegi Jcard Day tak payah risau parking.;p)

Ceh, gift card $20 (about RM60) je.Tapi not too bad lah dari selalu mengadap komputer 24jam tak generate income langsung.Except if you own a blogshop or ur blog is undeniably popular.;p

Actually, once your account reaches $20 you can redeem your reward from an array of reward options.

Coles giftcard is also redeemable at Myer,Target,Kmart & Officeworks!~

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