Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Journey


It's 5 days to go before going to Melbourne-KL.I'll stay at my cousin's house at Melbourne for 2 nights (without my husband).Actually I didn't plan to go back to my hometown this soon but due to some things that can't be avoided,dapatlah saya balik jumpa kucing saya dan makan makanan Malaysia yang saya rindu.;p I NEED to go to Melbourne-KL.

My luggage is already full with tons of perfumes, 7 bars of cadbury chocolates & 1 set Corelle.LOL. All the perfumes are bought for my sister and my customers,none for me.;p

Hmm..I'm quite excited to go to Melbourne/KL, but I hate long hours flight!I can't wear my lenses during long hours flight.Terribly uncomfortable!And you know me, I hate wearing glasses.:(Tapi kat Aussie saya tak kisah pulak nak pakai spec pegi mana-mana.;p

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