Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half Day

Yesterday we went to Glenelg. Glenelg is Adelaide's most popular beach destination.It's quite far from our home; about 20-30 minutes drive.This is my 2nd time going to the beach here.Alamak,yang tempat 1st tu tak ingat nama.;p Since it's winter now, you won't see anyone wearing bikini at the beach.;p You'll just see people are jogging, canoeing, taking their dogs for a walk etc.


Beautiful view

Yours truly.;p



No caption

Beach house

Tram.One of the specialties of Adelaide.:)

You may find a wide range of shops for all your needs here.I was craving for an ice-cream (even it's winter!) so let's go to...

Nando's???No,not Nando's..;p

Let's go to.........

Royal Copenhagen!

I was getting confused with which one to order.;p

I chose Cookies Cream Regular 1 scoop. It costs $5 (no tax). You can add chocolate on your cone and whipped cream on top for FREE!!

The best part is, you can always add-on colourful/choc rice or nuts and fudging up your ice creams with the chocolate and caramel fudges while eating them!!
Left:Choc fudge Right:Caramel fudge

Before going back home, we went to Sofra Kebab House for dinner.

Ok, enough for today.:)I'm tired of uploading pictures. Btw, for my family/friends, if you wanna see the clearer pics, you may visit my fb.


  1. eh,ade fb ke.?
    nak2 add!!
    ape email ek?

  2. lor,dah lama dah ada fb.hik.

  3. Ok!! eskrem tu macam best gilaaaaa!!!!