Tuesday, July 6, 2010

eBay Australia

I go shopping for groceries with my husband at least once a week. Our regular purchases are bread, eggs, sugar, juices and fresh milk. Fresh milk is quite cheap here thus we use fresh milk to make hot chocolate, milo, coffee and tea as well.That's why I'm gaining weight!ada kena mengena tak? I rarely go shopping for clothes or accessories here. It is because I love to do online shopping!! You know, I always made purchase via online when I was in Malaysia - clothes, bag, contact lenses etc.And yes, hantaran items too!

You may get all branded items at unbelievable price. That's the reason why I love online shopping so much.Besides, I never been cheated by dishonest seller.*Syukurlah!*

eBay Australia is not as boring as eBay Malaysia. I prefer Mudah.com than eBay in Malaysia.Until now,I've made 7 purchases via eBay Australia and I've got 5 positive feedback scores.Yeay! -and yes, use PayPal to stay safe!

P/S - Don't spend too much time on eBay. Your parents or husband may hide your netbook/phone!

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  1. ini yg engkau lakukan semasa ketiadaan aku??!!!