Friday, June 18, 2010


What are you doing during your weekend?

Every Saturday morning (about 10.30am) my husband will send me to Sis Nita's house for taalim. Taalim is an activity which you have to sit together to hear anything about Quran,hadith,adab, stories of sahaba etc.My husband and I used to have taalim at home during our free time. However, he still sends me to Sis Nita's house so that I can be friend with other sisters from various countries.

Besides gaining more knowledge in Islam, I can learn English in many type of accents. The taalim was in English (read by Sis Nita who is a Greek Australian woman) so that I need to pay more attention in order to fully understand it or else it won't be no meaning at all.;p Btw, I always think of myself as having bad hearing.LOL.

I need taalim for myself to become a better Muslim and gain knowledge of the Quran consistently, or else I will be always on the same level of who I am now (as a Musliam) or maybe worse.Nauzubillah.

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