Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fel-Fella Pizza

Craving for pizza?

Pizza Hut is non-halal here so my husband took me to Fel-Fella (catchy name, is it?) to satisfy our wants.Besides pizza, you can find halal pasta, fish & chips & hot chicken here.Actually you may call for delivery but since my husband wanted to take me out for a night walk, we went straight to Fel-Fella.

I just read the "Happy Hour Special" promotion on the wall as we were arriving there at 8 p.m sharp. I aimed to buy 2 large pizzas at $19.90 but unfortunately we couldn't buy the promotion set since the promotion has just ended.:(

We ordered 2 small pizzas, (Supreme and Seafood pizza) and small chips which cost around $25.Sorry, no pictures of pizza cos we were too eager too eat them!What I can say is Fel-Fella is as delicious as Pizza Hut but of course in its own taste.Btw, I love "pasar malam" pizza.;p

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