Sunday, June 20, 2010

Queen's Birthday Holiday

Last Monday was Queen's Birthday Holiday. We had a long weekend (Saturday,Sunday+Monday) so we went to Adelaide Botanic Garden. It's just like Bukit Cerakah or Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam in Malaysia but you can't find any bicycle to rent here thus you have to walk.;p Actually, my husband wanted me to have some exercises as I have been getting bigger - horizontally.(he said,not me!) Btw, I never weigh myself since I reached here.1. we don't have any weight scale 2. It's quite hard to find one like we have in most shopping malls in Malaysia 3. Maybe we don't even think that it is something necessary.However, I really hope that my weight won't reach 50kilos yet!(as my ideal weight is 47-48kg)

Ok, now..welcome to Adelaide Botanic Garden!I warn you,look at the background,not the lady with the red tudung,she maybe will make you yawn or vomit!Hahahh.

Water lilies?

Cactus in different species and sizes.

I wish we can have a picnic here during spring!

Felt like sitting on a big green carpet.

Ok, I want to sleep now.;p

I don't know what-its-name.

It's not spring yet.So there is not much to show.I'll ask my husband to come here again.

Gotta go.Bye2.


  1. arghhh!!! jeles aku tgk kau nye gambar! :(

  2. lor,jeles nape?sini sejuk takde best mana sebab sometimes xlarat dah sejuk.meh la dtg sini sementara aku ada leh bawak ko jalan2.:D

  3. hahahaha! aku blOm abes lg ni~ kau kat sane brape lame wehh?

  4. xtau lg aa..2,3 tahun lg kot..