Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hijab Event 2013

This is my 2nd time (my 1st time pon tak update!~_~) attending event organized by We Are Beautiful Allah Loves Us. Alhamdulillah, I managed to go since I'm still in Malaysia! Last week I attended other event called I'm Sinning & I Know It at Masjid Bulat PJ (go check out my sister's blog for more info about it) so jumpa Wardina 2x in a week until she can recognize me!

Some other celebrities attended the event too; Ana Raffali (did i spell her name right? lantaklah malas nak Google.;p) & Sharifah Aleya.

 Abaya from Abaya Makkahwalmadinah
bought during New Year sale so I managed to grab it at half price; normal price is RM190 (ridiculous price!)

.unforgettable moment.

Dessert.Ok, rainbow cake bought at Bisou, not from the event.

Good sharing from a sister who attended the event. Read here.

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