Sunday, February 17, 2013

The 30th

My elder sister turns 30 on 14th February so we celebrated her birthday at her new house! Thus she wanted 3 cakes for her birthday!Hiks. There were 3 cakes on that day - Red Velvet from Wondermilk, Rainbow Cake from her friend & cupcakes from Bisou. Red Velvet from Wondermilk is sumpah best!

Being tamak haloba, I ordered another Rainbow Cake from Wondermilk for myself. My sis phoned me what else to order since she was on her way to pick up her red velvet cake.And yes, Rainbow Cake from Wondermilk is better than Bisou!

And this is the one that she ordered from her friend.

Fedora during that day.
'Thanks Auntie D for this baju!'
Yes, my sister wanted to be called Auntie D.Hiks.

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