Monday, January 21, 2013

Kek durian superb!

Since now musim durian tiba2 craving for durian cake pulak. Ahah, since when pulak suka sangat durian ntah. Masa pregnant, pernah teringin durian but since durian mahal kat Adelaide & husband dislikes durian so minum Chatime durian jela to satisfy my cravings.;p Yes, ada Chatime durian kat Adelaide tapi kat Msia non ada.:(

Found this cake from blog Diah & since makcik yang buat durian ni duduk dekat je from my parents' house, she stays at Taman Melati so I decided to give it a try.

The owner is so kind, tak minta deposit pon for the cake & I decided to pick it up on Saturday sebab masa tu ramai orang kat rumah so ramai yang tolong habiskan the whole cake!:)

 RM45, 1.2KG

For me sangat SEDAPPP rasa pure durian sangat& keknya lembutt but my sis & her husband kata muak!Heh. Alia my youngest sis pulak kerja nak amik krimm je.Erk.Ok, interested to try pls visit Ayla Dania's Cakes!

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