Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jolly Jumper

Went to Sunday Market yesterday with my neighbour Kak Su and she influenced me to buy Jolly Jumper! I never knew about Jolly Jumper before even Kak Su cakap during baby expo haritu ada demonstration/promotion Jolly Jumper.*How come I didn't notice it?* At first dengar rasa macam nama penulis buku kanak-kanak.LOL.

 Source: Google

Benefits for babies:
- It’s good exercise for babies
- Strengthens baby’s leg muscles
- Promotes earlier walking (by virtue of the fact that it strengthens their leg muscles) and motor coordination

Bought mine at $7 but I'm not sure whether my baby will like it or not. Harapnya suka & cepat berjalan la ye.. so cepat sikit boleh tambah baby lagi 1.;p

Look at this cute baby. She really enjoys her Jolly Jumper!


  1. Salam..nak.tanya masih guna jolly jumper lg? ade jual lg x?

  2. Jolly jumper is now available in Malaysia la at