Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Cot

Our baby cot has arrived today!Yeay! Tak jadi beli kat Baby Expo so beli jela kat Gumtree. It costs $99 + cot mattress + delivery. Add another $20 for a couch pulak. Dah alang2 seller tu boleh hantar ke rumah so order je apa yang perlu, & rasa berkenan. ;p Finally decided to buy the baby cot because it has all the features that I want:

1. White
2. Has wheels even it's quite hard to move it around in our house sebab rumah berkarpet sepenuhnya.(except kitchen & toilet.;p)
3. 1 side slides up and down to lift baby
4. Looks new! Cot mattress juga looks new without any tear or stain. Boleh consider untuk bawak balik Msia in future, otherwise will resell it

I did some research before deciding to buy a baby cot or not. Setengah orang rasa tak payah sebab baby katanya tidur sekatil je dengan parents, senang nak breastfeed, etc.Bunyinya macam a BIG NO NO NO la for me since we're using double bed je & katil jugak tinggi.Risau baby jatuh or sendiri yang lupa ada baby kang hempap pulak.;p Buying a new bigger bed for 3 of us is not a good decision since tilam pon baru beli.

Source: Google

Now I'm looking for cot bumper & cot sheets pulak. 11 weeks to go!

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