Monday, July 11, 2011

Flavours of India

My husband and I went to uni since afternoon and we were late to prepare for buka puasa at home.Singgah The Fish Factory & his friend's house untuk hantar ikan cos kawan dia & his wife nak buat laksam sempena birthday anak mereka.Then husband said,"Oklah alang2 jom la pergi buka kat luar."

Yeay!I was so happy cos I didn't have to cook kari kepala ikan as husband requested before.!Hehe.Btw, that was my 4th time (kot!) there for dinner.

11/511 North East Road Gilles Plains 5086 SA


Butter Chicken $15.50
Lamb Vindaloo $15.50
Saffron Rice $4.50
Right: Butter chicken Left: Lamb Vindaloo

Saffron Rice

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to taste real Indian food. They also have kebab, roti naan, Tandoori chicken, papadom etc.They serve big portions! Order 1 nasi boleh makan 2 orang. We ordered 2 bowls of rice & siap tapau balik nasi & lauk.


Warming food & spices can always help keep us warm during the winter!

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  1. Thanks Ida for another idea of eating places, ada juga tempat yang dekat sikit dengan rumah