Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Bakeware

I LOVEEE reading but I've never bothered buying magazines in Adelaide.(newspaper pon.~_~) until I saw Baked & Delicious magazine for only $2.99!:)

You can obviously see why I bought it. I wanna get the silicone mould! I had been searching for it sebab tangan saya ni bermasalah kalau potong agar2, herot2 tak cantik so I think getting a mould is a solution to overcome my weakness.:) Previously saw the 6 pcs silicone moulds at Cheap as Chips for $3 but tinggal last one, packaging pon dah teruk so tak jadi beli.

Ok, hopefully after this my agar-agar will look as tempting as this:

Source: hanamemories.
My fav 'kitchen' blogger.
Bila ler nak pandai masak macam2 seperti beliau.

Cute kan? I love the colour.Macam toys budak2.You can get FREE Silicone bakeware with every issue! I hope the 1st issue will be enough for me.;p

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