Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks HopShopGo!

Victoria's Secret offered FREE Tote Bag (worth $70) so tangan pon gatal nak online shopping even my body is growing day by day. Ok, let's hope I can still fit into them.;p When I entered the coupon code (to get the gift) during check out process, the system said, "You are eligible for the free gift because you're not reside in U.S.." Ha.Camtu la lebih kurang..tak ingat sangat dah. I was like, "Hah??!Tak jadi la nak beli camni sebab takdela nak beli sangat3 pon."

And then terfikir...ahah.I've heard of HopShopGo before so I decided to give it a try. And yes.. I knew about it here.

The best thing is sepanjang Disember dapat $15 off untuk shipping dari U.S ke Australia (or anywhere) + you get 10% off if you pay via Paypal. Kalau tak guna HopShopGo, takkan eligible to get the free gifts + you have to pay more for the shipping!

It took only about 6 days to reach my door once the parcel has arrived to my U.S address.

Ok, I'm still thinking whether to sell the tote bag or not since I really hate pink.;p The thing is ada ke orang nak beli? cos I wanna sell it at its original price.Over!;p Otherwise, I might use it as a green bag or a nappy bag if only my baby is a girl.;p Husband said, "Cantiklaa beg ni.."

I was surprised to see what's in the bag. Another free gifts?!!Yeay! Perfume lepas pulak kat kastam Aussie? Weird but that's very good! Boleh la shopping lotion & perfume kat VS website.:)

Body mist. Lotion. Reward card (That's a good reason to shop again!). Sample of perfume and foundation.

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