Thursday, December 29, 2011

17 weeks pregnant

Husband and I once dreamed we had a baby girl. I always thought a dream is just a dream but kebetulan during my latest check up the sonographer said it's 99% confirmed that I'm having a baby girl, a mini-me!

"The baby is actively moving!Don't you feel it?"

Ye.Tak rasa apa2 melainkan rasa tak sabar nak buang air akibat banyak minum sejam sebelum scan untuk dapatkan imej baby yang clear.

Till now (about 17weeks & 4days) I still can't feel my baby moving. Doctor said it's normal for 1st pregnancy. Sometimes you have to wait till 22 weeks to feel it!

Insya-Allah, a mini-me in the making.:)

Will confirm it once again during next check up on 9th January!

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