Thursday, August 11, 2011


This week has been a hectic week. I guess it will be the same for another few weeks. Raya?! Phew~~ rasanya tiada dalam kepala at this moment & takde dalam kamus for this year.Yeah, sounds pathetic but I'm still happy cos at least bila busy kurang sikit rasa nak balik Malaysia. I have class on 2nd Hari Raya + due date semua beratur masa raya.*clap2* I never thought doing Master sesibuk sekarang. Enroll 4 courses je kot for 1 semester (1 of them is online courses) tapi beban rasa macam enroll 6 courses untuk undergraduate.~_~

Ok, back to the topic - classmates. Most of them are Chinese & Indians. Sometimes I feel like studying in Malaysia, not in Adelaide. Only few of them are Aussies & kalau ada pon jangan harap ye nak friendly or tegur unless if diorang takde kawan nak work in group. My close friend now is Ananthi and I think she'll be the only one that I always work with throughout my Master. We share some similarities - 25 y.o, married & love cooking but now we don't have enough time for it.;p I mean memasak dengan bahagia & tenang. Yang lain, tiada persamaan ye.;p

The worst thing is, there were classmates asking me silly questions."Are you Muslim?" " Are you Indian?" Arrrgghh.Tengok tudung & hidung pon dah tau.Kecik hati ok.

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