Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What would you do in long hours flight?

I choose to read my favourite book.selain makan dan tido;p.I managed to finish reading The Gatecrasher (by Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham) during my previous long hours flight.

Got Mini Shopaholic (from eBay!) a few weeks ago but haven't read it yet since I've decided to 'keep' it for my long hours flight from Melbourne to KL (alone, again!) so that I won't feel too bored.

Lost my Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (I don't know how) so bought a new one even dah baca(from eBay too!)

Btw, I'll be flying with my husband again on 20-26Dec.He has a job to do.Melbourne, here I come again!Christmas in Melbourne?;p


  1. 'Christmas in Melbourne?' haha..mcm menarik bunyinye!

  2. omg! if u nk jual mini shopaholic tu i nak! hihi. remember me? ada order books from u. hee. if nk jual la. reserved for me! thank u very much!

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  4. fai:tgk sale je mmg menarikk!:D
    nazliahnazeer:of course ingat!ur books yg lain dh ship ke msia.ok, if i terfikir nak jual nanti i'll let you know.tak janji tau!

  5. ouh plez..kt msia pnye Christmas sale je da boleh rambang mata..kalo kt Melbourne,boleh pitam kot..susah jd kaki shopping nih..haha..