Monday, December 20, 2010


Safely arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport about 8 am (Melbourne time).I'm glad that Tiger Airways didn't delay our flight (seems Tiger memang terkenal dengan ke'delay'annya) cos I was too tired& sleepy to expect a delay.A lil bit shocked with Melbourne yang sejuk!!!~~It's summer now by the way, I didn't expect that cold!Omputih pon pakai baju bubble2 bagai.

Faced so many obstacles in our way to Lygon Street where my cousin's house located but alhamdulillah everything is ok in the end.:D

After things have settled down, we walked along the Lygon Street to look for this shop (It took only a few minutes walk from the house):

112 Lygon Street,Carlton VIC 3053

Lazzat has ala carte and nasi campur/lauk but being me who doesn't prefer nasi campur bila makan luar haruslah pilih ala carte.Besides, I was tired of nasik,nasik,nasik.Beras basmathi pulak...;p tu yang I makin sihat sekarang ini. I had Singapore Spicy Noodle with seafood(you can choose between chicken meat & seafood) & husband had Hong Kong Noodle.And yes,macam biasa, plain water is free even gelas besi macam kat jail/asrama.;p

Price: Affordable.I think sesuai la dengan portionnya.
Taste:Quite delicious.Bukan macam mi sekolah asrama.;p
Service:We didn't know that all orders must be made at the counter.Tak terbaca kat dinding kedai even dah tampal.We called for the waitress padahal cashier (she's wearing tudung btw) & ordered food.Luckily she's friendly with first-timer like us & tak kerek pulak suruh order kat counter.

P/S - Tiket Air Asia KL-Melbourne RM249 saja from 1st April!~~


  1. Salam
    I belum berkesempatan lagi nak ke Melbourne, baru lepas jalan-jalan ke Sydney aje. BTW, Im Gina, now in Adelaide jugak, bumped into you bberapa kali, but never had a chance to say Hi

  2. Salam,
    Hi Kak Gina!heh.yeah, ingat penah jumpa kat rumah kak ina.xpe, akak banyak tahun lagi kan kat Aussie.bley pegi jalan banyak tempat lg.:D

  3. Kenalah tunggu duitnya banyak...baru syok jalan-jalan..BTW, nak balik Malaysia ker lepas nie?

  4. takdelah.balik adelaide balik 26hb.dtg sini sbb husband buat shipping sini.smbil2 tu jalan2 skali la.balik msia nnti,sy sorang je.