Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Candy Buffet/Bar

My sis and I are thinking of sponsoring a candy bar for my big bro's wedding on Dec. We're still unsure whether to DIY or hire je orang buatkan. Tapi cambest sangat kan DIY?But being me yang ada si kenit macam takde masa pulak nak DIY,Kang ke alih2 my sisters yang kena buat.Hehe. Ok, I found some websites yang ada provide this kind of service:

ILoveSugar Town
Dear Azalea
Love Dot Candy

Btw,I've been eyeing for 2-3 cake tier like this..

and I found one (3-tier) at RM69!! I was over the moon.:D
Consider cheap la kan?Is there any cheaper?

The cake tier is so 'sweet'!.It's not necessarily to put cakes only, nak guna as tempat display perfume or your beauty products pon boleh.Ikut kreativiti.


  1. I always dream nak buat business balik Malaysia buat business candy buffet ni nanti, tgh kumpul brg2 juga ni..hehehe. BTW, mana nak beli toer tu? Looks classy la

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