Friday, February 10, 2012

Waterbirth or not?

I had my 6-month check up today & alhamdulillah everything is ok.:) Since kat sini ada option untuk waterbirth, I requested for it even tak tau pon layak ke tak nanti untuk waterbirth.;p Some of my friends here tak qualify nak deliver secara waterbirth even dah request for it. Baby poo-poo dalam perut, ada masalah baby nak keluar, ada yang baby dah nak keluar, diri sendiri pulak tak confident dengan waterbirth tu sendiri, etc. Nasib masing2. Nasib diri sendiri pon nanti taktau so tak berharap mana pon, just request je & patients are reminded untuk prepare to be transferred out of the water if necessary.

Selain tu, untuk eligible for waterbirth:
- Not overweight & have a BMI less than 35.(if more than that tak muat kot tub tu.hehe.;p)
- Do not want to have pharmacological pain relief or an epidural during labour. (if tiba2 insist nak sure kena keluar dari tub).

Midwife bagi letter of consent to sign & hantar during next appointment.

Anyway, I just pray for an easy, normal delivery. Waterbirth or not is just a bonus but it's good if I've the chance to experience it. Balik Msia kalau deliver memang tak nak bayar extra kot untuk waterbirth.;p

Jalan-jalan kat Target after balik hospital jumpa weigh scale! Sample kat Target. Honestly, I didn't know my weight from week 6 until week 24. Kedekut beli!Hihi.;p Kat sini bukan ada merata2 kat shopping mall bayar 20/50sen macam kat Malaysia. Every check up pon takde siapa nak kisah berat, tak diambil tau untuk direkod.And err..I'm 53kg now.*tepuk tangan*. Baby love, pls don't make it more than 60kg until you pop out from mummy's tummy ok?;p

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