Friday, January 27, 2012

Afghan Cuisine

 4/58 South Road West Hindmarsh SA 5007
(08) 7226 2362
Open 7 days a week
More details: View here 

Nice ambience, air-conditioned restaurant + can enjoy your meal while watching TV. Husband was enjoying eating + watching tennis while I was enjoying my meals dengan penuh perasaan tapi lambat jugak habis.;p

 Husband's: Three Seekh/Skewers of Lamb Mince with Kabuli (Rice) & Salad

 Mine:  BBQ Chicken with Rice & Salad.

As for drinks, husband had Barbican; a non-alcohol drink originated from Middle Eastern & I had Banana+Mango juice.So yummeah~~Even masa bukak2 botol tu bau pisangg sangat. I thought I'll burp bau pisang tapi tidak ye.;p

Since it was our first time coming here, staff tu quite helpful nak suggest order yang mana. Dia suggest order BBQ Chicken so order jela cos rasa takde mood nak makan lamb. I don't know why but since pregnant cinta mendalam terhadap si kambing sedikit pudar.;p

The waiting space for those who wants to take away etc.

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