Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teaching Break

Teaching break has been started since last Monday (19/9/11) and it means that I've completed one-eighth (1/8) of my master. OK, actually saya apply program untuk 1.5years tapi uni offer program untuk 2years which is for double masters. I thought I would apply to change it after 1 semester tapi my sponsor dah tulis tak boleh change course as stated in the letter.Huwaa!! Who cares whether you have a double master's degree or not?;p But then fikir balik, belajar jelah dah orang nak sponsor.Hmm..

5 more weeks of lecture and then will sit for the Final Exam! Lucky me ada 2 papers je sem ni yang ada final exam.:D Tak pergi mana pon kot during 2 weeks break ni.Duduk rumah tidur, bangun, masak & makan dengan tenang + kemas rumah + kilatkan dapur lebih bermakna.Poor kitchen needs my attention.Isk.I wonder how working women manage their time? I bet they don't cook lunch, even dinner kot.Jaga anak 24/7 apatah lagi.Housewives are cool kan?Dulu masa kecik jealous gila sapa2 mak yang housewife then pandai macam2 sampai baju sekolah anak pon mereka jahit.Isk. But still no one compares our own mum kan? Thank youu mak!Thank you Acik Ani, my 2nd mum who cooked me lunch during weekdays.Thank you my MIL who raised my husband.Thank you Allah for giving me these three beautiful people!

Gone through this blog yang amazing but tak sure blogger housewife or working woman.Kalau working woman memang salute gila kena rajinkan diri agar hebat berbakat.;p

Btw, I will volunteer myself for Festival of Innovation this Sunday at my uni.Rajin?Not so rajin tapi rajin nak dapat PR.Teehee.;p Ananthi asked me whether saya akan pakai volunteer Tshirt (it's a short sleeve t-shirt) during that day & I said yes but with my own way,:D OK, will blog about it later insya-Allah.

Enough babbling.

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