Sunday, May 1, 2011

Part 1: The Legend International Water Homes, Port Dickson

Welcome to The Legend International Water Homes!
The check-in counter.

While waiting patiently for check in.Excited naik 'buggy' sampai bilik!:D

Let's see the Executive Pool Villa - Above the sea!~~

2 king size beds are more than enough for us.;p

32" LCD flat screen TV.

The private swimming pool!Hooray!!~~Let's swim!;p

4 feet deep.

I love the mirror!Looks ancient but classy.

Dry Kitchenette.

Coffee & tea making facilities.

Sorry, I forgot to snap the glass panel for underneath sea viewing.:(Sukaaa sangat tengok kat lantai bilik ada kaca boleh tengok laut. I felt like sitting on a sailing boat.;p

That's all for today!I'll write about its deliciousss food on the next entry, insya-ALLAH.:)


  1. wehhh!!! mcm best gile je tempat ni~!!!! arghhhh..nak pegi situ jugakk!!

  2. apa lagi intan cepat2 pegi!hee~~:D