Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping for Wedding

No, of course it's not for my wedding!(even 88x sehari berangan nak kawen lagi,simpan jelah angan2 tu dengan berusaha untuk kawen dengan orang yang sama di syurga,AMIN!;P)

It's for my SIL's wedding.Btw,we're not sure yet whether we'll be able to attend her wedding or not.:( She requested me to buy her perfume gift sets (for man and woman).The best thing is she's so cool!Suruh je beli apa yang rasa best.:D

I was like,"Yeay,shopping perfume lagi!~~" padahal bukan untuk diri sendiri.Hehe.Yeah, I love shopping (Who doesn't love shopping?!) tak kiralah untuk diri sendiri or orang lain.If anyone ada offer jawatan Personal Shopper duduk rumah browse eBay, carikan sale/any bargain paling best ,pls tell me.:D

After jalan2 city, browse sana sini,tak jumpa perfume set for men.:( I mean yang cheaper than M'sia kalau convert.Since Christmas sale is just over,banyak tempat tak sale yang best2.

Ok,women's perfume banyak jugak murah2 sampai sendiri taktau mana best & I ended up buying 2 sets!I told her to choose which one does she prefer.

Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

I bought Ralph Rocks via online & 5th Avenue at Priceline. Unbelievable price.Sumpah balik Msia tak beli perfume kat kaunter unless perfume set yang murah.Tau tak perfume hantaran Elyana is Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely?(Ok tetiba).Tu pon murah jugak kat sini.I know cos I love Elyana!!~~Eh, I love Opie@Dunia Baru & Kirana@Renjis.

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My sis loves 5th Avenue but I don't really like it.If it's me, I'll choose Ralph Rocks.;) And how about you?


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