Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to Adelaide

Salam and hi all,
Today is my 3rd day living in Adelaide.I was supposed to write down my story in Adelaide earlier but I was too lazy to do it.Blame the weather, not the internet . Btw, I had a bad (not too bad actually..;p) experience being alone boarding on the plane but I was lucky to have sat beside an Australian old woman who are kind and friendly.I was the last passenger who entered the plane and I was the only Muslim girl in the plane. (as I had noticed.)

It was 14C when I reached Adelaide Airport about 6.15am (Adelaide time) .Lucky me I didn't have any problem with all my stuff which was about 30++ kilos.;p You have to declare all your stuff when entering Australia border or else you might face problem!And of course, my beloved husband fetched me at the airport with smile and hugs.Heh.

Straightly went to Vili's for a breakfast.Even I was so full, I managed to finish my meat pie, chicken curry meat pie to be exact.Nyum2.

Ok,till now.Will update more as much as I can.Please ignore any grammar or whatever errors as I think that my English is getting worse.

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  1. hohoho..welcome to Adelaide dear..sejuk2 ni..jangan asik nak tido je!