Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quickie Update

Reasons why I haven't updated this blog;
1. I've been sick for the past 2 weeks.22/5 - 4/6.
2. Admitted in ICU for 2 days; 29/5-31/5
3. Admitted to the normal ward; 31/5 - 4/6.
4. 5/6: My beloved parents are coming from Malaysia!!!~~~:D

P.S: Sometimes I miss being in the hospital.Rindu nurse yang cun2,baik hati & sangat supportive.:'(


  1. Dayah,awk sakit apakah? Skang dah sihat?
    Take care ye!eh sy dh pindah by the way,nnti mst dtg umah sy tau!
    Take care dayah!!

  2. awk!!~~kena infection..alhamdulillah now dh sihat.insya-allah akan sampai ke rumah baru awk nanti.take care jugak!~~:D

  3. nurse can cure people even just by their smile n support..menaikkan morale patients tu lg utama dr paksa dorg makan ubat utk sembuh..kan? :)